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    I purchased the Sony 660 after reading all of the positive threads that were here online talking about it. However, after getting it and performing the upgrade to my Treo 650, i have to say i'm not at all satisfied with the results. It's mainly the volume issue. I honestly CANNOT tell a difference in the volume control level after the 1.08 upgrade. And it's really beginning to be a nuissance. Could i possibly have a defective unit? Because i've seen a lot of people on here saying that the sound was good anyway and then after the update they could tell a difference. But i can't. I was going to tell Sprint about it and see if they would exchange it out for a new unit. I'm pretty sure they will.

    Anyway i was seeing what would be the next best alternative for a BT headset. I even tried the eargels and i'm having trouble with keeping it on there. It's not a good fit at all!!! So could someone give me some ideas in regards to another headset. One in particular that has good connection speed and to where you don't have to push the button to transfer the call. That is one thing i loved about the Sony 660. I'm leaning towards the Scala 500. Does anyone know when the replacement to the 660 will be out? I appreciate the replies in advance. Thanks.
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    Why don't you try using SuperGlue with the eargels. That worked for me. I've got a Cingular GSM Treo 650 and the HBH-660 with the eargels superglued. I had to reset the BT headset once since I've had it (a little over a month).

    Calls are loud with no problems. Maybe you've got a defective headset.
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    I too am wondering if you have a bad headset. I glued an eargel to my 660 the second day I had it (pre-Sprint update) but after the 1.08 update I have to turn the volume all the way down on the 660 or else it's too loud (I wish it could go a notch lower). Before the upgrade I had to keep the volume at max.
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    Yea i was thinking about supergluing it, however, it's hard to tell how it's suppose to go on and feel comfortable in my ear since i can't even keep it on long enough to see how it needs to be positioned on the 660. Anyone have pics?
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    Haven't needed glue to keep mine on.....

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    And if you glue it on, how are you supposed to clean the inside of it after some gunk from your ear (or something else) gets inside it ?
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    When using the superglue on mine, I was able to halfway squeeze the eargel on to at least let me put it in my ear and see what angle I wanted it. Then I just marked where they would fit, superglued it and bam. Good to go.
    I use a pipe cleaner to clean the taters out occasionally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell
    And if you glue it on, how are you supposed to clean the inside of it after some gunk from your ear (or something else) gets inside it ?
    Keep your ears clean and it won't be an issue . The volume will be better too . Seriously, what I did was only use two drops of glue (one on either end) so I can squeeze something out of the side, or use a pipe-cleaner through the main hole. So far, however, I haven't had a "debris" issue in the 2-3 months I've had the ear gel on.
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    Well I do keep my ears clean and after 3 months of a superglued clear eargel its now a yellow translucent eargel!!
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    Your body makes the stuff on a continual basis. You can wash your ears 6 times a day and you'll still get build up if you use the insert (eargel/Slicsound/etc.) on a regular basis. Not just talking about ear wax, but dead skin builds up and discolors the insert too. Having it in your ear a while can cause a little sweat and that also causes build-up.

    The inserts are made of materials that are supposed to be dishwasher safe so you can superclean the insert periodically as needed.
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    I am using the Treo Wireless Headset with the jabra ear gels. Unit works flawlessly and I slip ear gels on and off to clean them about once a week.
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    Here's a pic of mine with superglue!
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