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    Quote Originally Posted by dfensfoster
    What in the world is the problem w/ Documents To Go?! I followed the utlity install as mentioned in this thread. It worked. FOR ONE DAY! Today I'm having the exact same problem. So, do I have to do this utility EVERY DAY?! Install, resinstall? This is insane.


    Any other suggestions out there?
    When you are done viewing/editing your documents, make sure you tap the exit icon (looks like a door with an arrow) in the lower left of the screen. Don't jump out of the document using the Home or other application button.

    This lets DTG quit in an orderly manner and won't leave the components in RAM.
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    my docs to go has started freezing the phone - after I press documents, the circle whirs at the top, stops, and the phone is frozen. I use Zlauncher, and dataviz told me to uninstall it - then perhaps docs to go will work. I don't want to do that. Any suggestioins? Should i uninstall and reinstall docs to go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NYC VZ guy
    my docs to go has started freezing the phone - after I press documents, the circle whirs at the top, stops, and the phone is frozen. I use Zlauncher, and dataviz told me to uninstall it - then perhaps docs to go will work. I don't want to do that. Any suggestioins? Should i uninstall and reinstall docs to go?
    I use ZLauncher with docs to go and it works fine for me. I did try to move docs to go to the card with ZLauncer once and I got resets.

    Have you tried deleting the saved preferences with the dataviz tool?
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    no, I haven't tried deleting the saved preferences with Dataviz - is it post 14 above that you're referring to? I'll try this weekend. I hadn't had problems using a Dataviz product to move part of docs to go (and all documents) to my card - I assume that should work properly?
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    I think in that post we were talking about deleting the saved preference file from the internal memory. What I would start with is the easiest thing first. Just deleting the documents to go saved preferences with the dataviz tool. Download it to internal memory. Open the dataviz tool from the icon on the palms main screen then go menu, advanced options, delete preferences.

    Heres the tool
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    I think this is the dataviz tool that I had, but I deleted preferences, still froze. Then I hotsynced the new file, deleted preferences (and temp database), still freezes. Thanks for all your help, now what?!?!
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    I would sync than delete the documents off the palm then set the manager to desktop overwrites handheld then sync again.
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    thanks to all, and especially jamespaulritter - for posterity, I uninstalled docs to go, re-installed docs to go with its reinstaller, and now I'm "good to go"!!! By the way, I again moved docs to go to card with docs to go tool, and I even have more available memory on Treo!
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    follow up - docs to go now doesn't show the synced files - only one I saved after I te-installed docs to go, notwithstanding that all the files remain on my Treo. Any thoughts on how to get files back on the desktop?
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    Im not sure if I understood. You say the documents are on the palm but not the desktop? If so make sure under the hot sync manager that documents to go is set to "syncronize files" and check the box so it is set to default. Also you could set the documents themselves to sync by taping the dash next to the document on the palm, or if the sync symbol is next to the documents anyway then of course you wouldnt need to do that.
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    Yes, the documents are on the Treo, not the desktop, and docs to go on palm desktop says synchronize.
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    So the files on the palm have an icon set to sync the files and if you right click the hotsync icon on the bottom of your computer and go custom>"documents to go" the manager is set default to sync files and backup is set to handheld overwrites desktop?
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    The hotsync manager (in palm desktop) said hotsync, but the individual files on palm didn't have the icon - I manually added them, hotsynced, and all is well. thanks again. I don't know what I'd do without this forum (and of course you). thanks!

    What do I have to do to get docs to go to hotsync on a 2nd computer. I haven't installed docs to go on that computer, I bought the upgraded professional edition, do I download the CD edition and then the upgrade?
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    You would go to this page and download the desktop counterpart on the other computer. I also use docs2go premium and love it
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    OK, here's the specific instructions from Datraviz, and with James help, it's a go:

    Install Palm Desktop on the second computer

    After installing Palm Desktop on the second computer:
    Uninstall Documents To Go Professional from the Computer:
    1. From the Start menu, select Settings: Control Panel.
    2. Double-click to open the Add/Remove Programs control panel.
    3. Choose Documents To Go from the list of software applications and click Add/Remove.
    4. Click Yes to confirm deletion of Documents To Go. Windows will then uninstall the software.

    2. Redownload a new copy of Documents to Go:
    When prompted, save the install file to the desktop.
    3. Double click on the 'EXE' Docs to Go installer file, and follow the prompts

    Now, to clarify how to deal with syncing docs to go with 2 computers, here's what they said:
    What it means, in summation, is that when you make an edit to a document, ON THE HANDHELD, you need to synchronize with the cable/cradle to the LAST computer you synched with.

    If you sync to the second computer, Docsync's technology is lost.

    If you NEVER edit on the handheld, you can sync to either computer, in any order. It is once you make an edit on the handheld, you need to go back to the computer you synched with last.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59
    Upgrade your Docs to Go to the 7.003 version.
    Is this latest version????????
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    What was that link you gave, was that an accident? Here is the latest version 7.006 The vesion is in the top right hand corner of the page.
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    You on staff at DTG?

    Cheers, Perry
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    They do owe me a paycheck as much as I sell their product and give support.

    I had major issues with docs2go for 5 or 6 months and had 30 to 40 email going back and forth with tech support. But me and docsto go have been issue free for a year now through marriage counseling and sponsors

    Come to find out Microsoft Works is not supported,,,,,Isnt that odd when so many home computers come stock with Works instead of Word. Were not all corporate power users you know

    So I just keep the DTG manager set to do nothing. I should have bought an XP pro instead ow XP home edition
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    P.S. I do think DTG offers the best product available.
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