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    Here is what I find.

    The power on timeout works GREAT. Always comes back to 2Day! like I want it to. If you are in another app, like TakePhone, and power off, 30 seconds later you are in 2Day! as expected and on the current date with all monitoring icons updated. Great.

    The issue is when you are in 2Day! itself and say on a different date than today- like you were looking at your calendar 2 days in the future. If you power off, 30 seconds later you power on and you are back in 2Day! EXCEPT that you are still on the date you left (2 days in the future) and not on the current date.

    So, what I suggest is that even with a power on while in the app, it should refresh itself to the current date just like it does when coming from another app.

    Make sense or confusing?
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    I have discussed this in the past with users.
    We concluded that the behaviour you are asking for will confuse people...

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