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    Anyone else notice that Snappermail will not auto sync when the Treo 650 has a bluetooth connection?

    Whenever I am in my Audi A6 Snappermail will not sync at all. The 650 will come on as though it is going to do a sync, but the actual sync never happens. My treo is set to turn off every 2 mins. So, snappermail brings the treo on and it will sit there doing nothing until 2 mins when it turns off. Then, within 10-20 seconds, it turns back on again (I am assuming that Snappermail is retrying) and this loop continues. Drivers me crazy.

    Has anyone else noticed this? I have Snappermail
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    Snappermail is set by default to not connect if the phone is otherwise occupied; apparently, your bluetooth connection qualifies.

    You can change this default by typing BUG while in SM's list view and selecting "Ignore power-on state".

    Alternatively, if you don't wish to change this default and it's really the constant turning on of the screen that bothers you, you can change your delivery preference to Manual for the duration of your car trip.

    BTW, there must be something diferrent about your car's bluetooth connection to your 650; I have no such difficulties while my BT headphone is connected to my 650 and I'm not on a call.
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    Yes, this is a CarKit problem not a SnapperMail problem. I've been trying to chase PalmOne on this, and they still don't understand the issue; I wish there was a way to bypass normal customer service if you know more than they do.

    The CarKit allows the car system to take over the phone and connection with BT; there is no way to shut that off, either to connect to another BT device or allow other apps to do their thing. If another app DOES interrupt (e.g., you get a notification), it interrupts the CarKit and won't let it make/receive calls until you acknowledge the notification and clear it.

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