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    Ok, I've been using Snapper from the SD because before the update memory was REALLY an issue. Its still not perfect (I thought I freed up 10m, but upon checking the other day I only have 6) so Snapper's staying put. I very rarely need all the features Snapper promises anyway.
    So I see the "agenda" view on the calender app (pretty cool) and there's Versamail already taking up space so I figure why not try it. I set it up yesterday, and am happy so far. A few questions.
    1. When I delete an email it asks if I want it deleted from the server too! I use mail. Will it really delete this from my server? If so that's great! Snapper won't!
    2. What are the stability issues everyone keeps talking about? Are these pre-update (1.08) or post?
    3. Will the automatic updates work? Snapper doesn't. For me anyway. I understand from their support people that that issue varies from 650 to 650!
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    It'll be fun.
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    80 ba-jillion complaints about Versamail in the past and NO ONE has any answers or input about this? Disappointing people, disappointing
    Go here if you're tired of being .
    It'll be fun.

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