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    Ok, my treo 650 has been reseting like crazy after six weeks of use. It would "hibernate" after about two hours of not touching it, then soft reset the first time I would touch it. So I did a hard reset and its been acting much better.

    My question is, how do I get my contact list back without doing a sync? If I do a sync it adds all my data and apps that I don't want on there. (i'm trying to eliminate the apps that are causing me problems.)

    I do want my contact list back on there, but I can't figure out how to go about it. Without putting them back in one at a time. (150 contacts)
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    I don't know the Windows software that much, but I'd say you could look to see what directory the applications are in, move that directory, and sync and perhaps only get the right files.

    You could even copy the pdb's to a SD card and then move them over, if you couldn't figure out another way, then move out the hotsync data on the computer.

    Sounds like you have a lot of old software. Seems every time I've tried to use something not updated for the 650 specifically I have problems with it; otherwise no problems.
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    This is typical Windows install - move all files from C:\Program Files\Handspring\*username*\Backup to another dir. and then re-sync, this will Sync contacts and nothing else.

    Nice to see someone taking a direct approach instead of whinging about the device
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    Just go to the following folders (as applicable):

    C:\Program Files\Handspring\User Name\Archive


    C:\Program Files\Handspring\User Name\Backup

    If you delete everything from there and you perform a HotSync, none of the old apps will be installed. Your contacts and calendar are located in the following directories:

    C:\Program Files\Handspring\User Name\address


    C:\Program Files\Handspring\User Name\datebook

    I would also recommend using the utility called Uninstall Manager. It will help when you have problems like this.
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