I am new to my Treo650 (Sprint) and trying to figure how to best handle email.

The VersaMail I think came with it since I don't remember downloading it - it appears to work nicely for my work email - it connects through the exchange server and syncronizes my calendar and emails - I like that!

It seems to not work with my Yahoo Mail correctly and I think it is because I have too much email still on the server because VersaMail says there is not enough memory - even though I tell it only to get today's email and only the subjects - and even though these emails on my Yahoo account are already marked 'read' since Outlook marks them read from my desktop.

I have been reading many posts - including Tiffany's 6 Best Apps thread and keep seeing people talk about Snapper and Chatter.

What do each of these do better than VersaMail?

Will they fix the Yahoo - too many read emails - not enough memory problem?

Will I lose my Exchange server syncronization capability?

In your opinion ... which is better and why?