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    I know that TMO doesn't sell the 650, but if you buy one from PalmOne TMO's warranty company will cover it! I just turned in my 600 on Assurion's policy (Assurion is the extended warranty company). I did ask if I get a 650 will it be covered. They said if your vendor will put it on my plan.

    So I called Tmobile and they will put the IMEI number into the policy of the 650. This way I can be more relaxed that my steel trap hands will be able to take a night off.

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    So with TMobile what is the cost of this coverage for those who might be interested?
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    The trick is that Asurion cant replace your 650 with a 650, instead, they will replace it with something comparable (in Tmobile's case that would be a treo 600). So YES they will "cover" your 650 in the event of theft or damage but only with a comparable device from Tmobile's current stock.
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    I think you are mistaken. My company deploys close to 1,000 Treo's a year for reasearch purposes. We wanted to use T-Mobile in conjunction with our current vendor Sprint and the T-Mobile rep said the insurance will not cover an unlocked 650. T-Mobile will not even get involved with helping us secure 650's like Sprint did.

    Maybe it's because we are a business but be careful, you may be screwed later if you try to claim on your policy. As The Truth stated, you may get something you do not want as a replacement.
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    Yes it can be covered by insurance, but it will NOT be replaced with a 650. They can only replace a lost item with one sold by Tmobile at the time the loss occured. So you will recieve the closest comparable device sold by TMobile which is the 600, not the 650.
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    or a blackberry 7100t LOL

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