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    Treo 650 Troubleshooting 101

    I have read so many posts of people having problems with their Treo 650 and this app or that function that I cannot help but relate to my own experiences with my 650. Every time I had a problem I followed these troubleshooting steps and it helped me save a lot of time and allowed me to narrow down the problem quickly. These may or may not work for you, so use at your own risk.

    So, your Treo is misbehaving?

    It could be the occasional reset, or lockup, or just plain weirdness. Your Treo was working fine and now it isnít. How do you narrow it down? It will largely depend on the type of problem you are having, but most problems fall in one of three areas Ė hardware, software or carrier related.

    The easiest way to find which category your problem is in is to start from scratch. Yes, sounds painful, but it doesnít have to be. If you have a good backup program (I use BackupBuddyVFS), you can try this experiment and then restore your Treo to the way it was in under a minute. If you donít have a good way of backing up and restoring your Treo quickly and easily, then stop right here. Donít even bother reading on.

    So, you have a good backup?

    Hard reset that sucker. Wipe it out. Start from scratch. Take the SD card out. Use the Treo as a phone only and see if the reset or strange behavior you are experiencing happens again.

    It still does? Then that smells like either hardware or carrier related. You just eliminated software as a possibility. Make sure you have the latest firmware loaded in your Treo (check the PalmOne site to see the different carrier specific or generic GSM support pages for more info). If you are up to date, then call your provider and start a trouble ticket with their technical support, because more than likely you will have to get your hardware swapped. They can try over the air (OTA) updates for carrier related stuff, but more than likely you need new hardware. Sad but true. The thing should work when its clean. If it doesn't, then there is something wrong with it.

    It works fine you say? You will then have to start adding one app at a time and testing again, until you find the app (or combination of apps) that is causing the problem. If you find the offending app, you can try restoring your backup and deleting that app. In some cases, it is better just to reinstall everything from scratch except the offending app just to be safe. A corrupt SD card can also cause some problems, so reinsert the SD card and test again.

    Narrowing down the possible cause of the problem will save you a lot of time and aggravation. Having a good backup will let you hard reset your Treo with confidence you will be able to get back to where you were easily, and also allow you to quickly eliminate or identify software as being the problem. Tinkering with settings and preference files and hex editors should be left for the trained professionals (and hackers). Keep a good log of every app you install, do a checkpoint backup every so often, and use some good uninstall software (like Uninstall Manager) to remove apps you try and donít like to make sure your Treo stays clean.

    And always use common sense when installing apps. If it doesnít say it supports the 650, assume it doesnít and donít install it. If you are going to install it anyway (like I do ), do a good backup before, just in case. If you use beta software or hacks, then keep those backups current, or suffer a painful fate of perpetual resets and reinstallation.

    I have a ton of apps loaded (check out the link in my sig) and my Treo is very stable and reliable. However, it didn't come out of the box that way. It was through a lot of trial and error that I finally found a setup that works for me, and this process I've described here helped me out tremendously. Hope this helps somebody! It sure helped me.

    Good luck and Happy Treoing!!!!
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    ZBoater - I'm sure your posts help more people than you'll ever know.

    For the lurkers that stop in, resolve their issues via your posts and move on I say Thank You .
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell
    ZBoater - I'm sure your posts help more people than you'll ever know.

    For the lurkers that stop in, resolve their issues via your posts and move on I say Thank You .
    I'll second that. Nice post zboater!
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    Great post, ZBoater. Now this is what Treocentral is all about.
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    Nice Job Z!


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