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    I have a new T650 through Cingular. When playing solitaire or Zap2016 and I recieve a phone call, I get a message at the bottom of the screen for approx. 2 seconds that says "Your handheld is receiving incoming calls please release all buttons" and then the unit restarts. I am not holding down any keys or buttons and have been able to recreate it several times just by running a program and then recieving a phone call. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Please help.

    The only third party program I have installed is MMPlayer and the 650 was doing this before I installed this. I really want to like the 650 but not being able to recieve a call makes this thing a $400 paper weight.

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    never seen that one before (T650 with Sprint); gotten calls when in a few different apps I think (but never Solitaire or Zap2016)...
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    When i check the error message log after restart it reads:

    A reset was caused on 4/10/05 at 20:42 while running "Zap!2016":

    Line:456, line 1111
    exception at address

    This time I was playing Zap!2016 and pressed the home button. From there I opened up a game of solitaire and began playing. I then called the phone and got the message dialog box at the bottom ""Your handheld is receiving incoming calls please release all buttons". Then it restarted.
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    I just tried it on mine. I started Zap and called my self. Got the same message, and it transferred automatically to the phone app and gave me the standard choices of answer and ignore. I dont have Solitaire installed, so I can't try that out.

    I know this is a pain (if you backup you can try this and then restore without too much hassle) but I would suggest hard resetting, and with a clean Treo (dont sync even once), run a built in app (like the browser) and browse and call yourself to see what happens. If that works, install Zap only and try it again. If it works, then you have some other software that is causing that. If it doesnt', then, I am stumped cause I dont know what it could be.
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    ZBoater - I will give that a try and see what happens. Thanks.

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