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    Hi. I'm a new owner of a Treo 650, and new to treocentral. I've previously owned a PPC 6600 (returned because of reception issues) and a I500. I love everything about the Treo 650 except for the browser. I also have an IPAQ 3715 and what I love about the PPC OS are the browsers. Pocket IE and Netfront look very similar to IE on the desktop.

    I've tried Xiino from the searches I've done on this website, but it's similar to the default browser in appearance. I've seen some screen shots of Blazer and Eudora and they look similar also.

    Are there ANY browsers for Palm that look similar to Netfront for PPC? I've read some articles that I've googled and it seems like there were some rumors that Palm and Access were working on a browser.
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    It's called Blazer 4.0.
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