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    Just as an update...I believe the problem is a memory problem- since ringo has to open, then open your mp3 player to play the ringtone, the SMS alert get the idea. I'm goint to try the dbcache tool and have it clear cache on opening of ringo. I'll test for 24 hrs and report back w/my results...
    Ringo Pro has a built in MP3 player.
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    can i get a free download of that anywhere? Or does it cost everywhere?
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    can i get a free download of that anywhere? Or does it cost everywhere?
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulsjmail View Post
    This may (or may not) be due to some sort of corruption that has occured with your sms. I would suggest at least trying the method I'm going to mention below. It may not solve your problem, but it also should not cause any damage either (BACK UP your data before trying anyway). The only thing it will do is erase all of your sms that you currently have on your treo:

    1. Get a file manager like (free) Filez and install it on your Treo

    2. Using Filez, look in the Treo's ram for 2 files "SMS Messages2" and "Messages Database"

    3. Delete only those 2 files.

    4. You will lose all of your preivious sms messages, but hopefully your problem will be resolved.
    I am having some sms issues also. A friend of mines sent me a message and when I opened it it was blank but I know he wrote something cause he called me. The problem is that I can not delete the sms now everytime I try to delete the phone resets. I tried filez and I only have on of the files. I have the "SMS Messages2" but not the "Messages Database"
    Any ideas?

    After doing ##377 this is what I get
    A rest was caused on 1/16/07 at 9:53 am while running "messaging".
    Line:1386, MessageStoreOpenItem:item open already.
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