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    Every other time I call *Cingular* voicemail on my Treo 650, after I enter my password, it states: "Please enter your PCS phone number". Every other time, after I enter my password, it takes me directly to my messages. (And, entering my phone number, not surprisingly does nothing.)

    (This is not as bad as most problems I've had with Cingular and/or this phone, because I only have to call voicemail at a maxium of two times to get it to work. Other things have just not worked at all.)
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    are you using speakerphone to retrieve your messages? You Cannot go to speakerphone until after the password has been dialed, if you do you will get that message 6 out of 10 times.
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    cglaguna, yes, I routinely use the speakerphone (often with it up to my ear, because either I'm going deaf or this phone's volume is too soft). That must be it. Thanks.
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    I get this same message when I enter an invalid voicemail password. I normally enter my office voicemail password when picking up my Cingular voicemail =)
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    I turned my speaker phone volume down when the password is being entered. I turn it back up when the message starts up. Very annoying.
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    Are you using a Gemstar or Axalto SIM card? Did you apply the Cingular Voicemail
    ROM Updater? There is a known problem with the Gemstar card that is fixed with this updater. Go to site for the updater.

    If you search the forum you will find a few threads regarding Cingular voicemail issues.

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