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    Shimon: I have installed the TkPhOS5Hk & have enabled the option in Agendus to use TakePhone when dialing. This appears to work, however TakePhone does not seem to receive pauses I have entered for extensions. Do you know if Agendus passes these characters to TakePhone? Thanks!
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    My brief experience was that "," may have been passed through from Agendus but that "x" and other alpha characters were NOT. However, I then gave up on Agendus and stopped testing this. What I did find was that when doing Lookup and dialing directly from TAKEphONE itself, it finds and uses all the pauses/extension characters just fine. This was just so remarkable after finding the default Palm apps so brain damaged in this area, that this is how I dial all my contacts now and I no longer worry about whatever my underlying contact app can do.
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    Yes - it seems either Agendus, or the underlying PalmOS interface filters out those pauses.

    You can either dial directly from TAKEphONE, or maybe try using the "capture" mechanism - highlight the whole number, then press the PHONE button (assuming you have this activated in TkPhOs5Hk, and assigned the PHONE button to TAKEphONE)

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