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    Good day to All

    Since I wuold like to edit some files on my PC (Win98)
    I can install an emulator progr. but still need a rom file.
    It seems to be diffic to extract this frm my Visor. Therefore, can I download a .rom file somewhere ?
    best regards

    Manfred from Hamburg/Germany
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    Look at the developers corner for instructions on
    how to get a rom image. If you can't do that, you
    can sign up with palm and download some, there
    are instructions for that in the developers corner too.
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    There's a thread over in the Devleoper's section that give instructions for getting the ROM via USB using the Palm Debugger.
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    Thanks for the reply. I checked the Handspring webpage for the SDK, but they offer different sets of files. Which one to take ? Isn't there any easier way to create/obtain this .rom file ? It's just that I want to edit some
    database of a freeware that I added to the software, but cannot since it is not part of the official software that can be edited in windows.

    best regards

    Manfred from Hamburg/Germany
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    You just need the Debugger. Follow the instructions in the thread for what directories to create and which one to put the Debugger in, and what to do to extract the ROM image. (The Debugger is only a 500K download.) The extraction process takes only a couple of minutes.
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    You will not legally be able to download a ROM inamge from the internet. You can get it off your visor usign the instructions handspring gives, but IT is as I know ILLEGAL to post ROM's on the net. (That's why a site like got shut down, They had ROM's of the TI calulator for free to download.) I think though that if yo uget it off your own visor it's encouraged, and perfectly ok. So good luck.

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    Thanks to all. I jut got my visor.rom file downloaded and the palmOS emulator works fine

    best regards

    Manfred from Hamburg/Germany

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