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    Has anybody seen anything out there.
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    Even if there was one, I wouldn't dare risk bringing the 650 into the gym with me.
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    Why not, its just like bringing an Ipod, but better.
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    You could live without an iPod for a while, but getting your Treo crushed by a DB or you're doing cardio and it accidently flies off your arm?

    If you want it just for the music, get a cheap mp3 player that holds like 100 songs, iPod shuffle being one example. If it's for talking on the phone, well that's your perogative, I don't go to the gym to talk, but to workout.
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    How about using a case with a clip then attaching it to an armband?
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    I've always been curious if iPod accessories could work for the treo as well, since they're roughly the same size.
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    I use bluetooth stereo headset (Bluetake BT420) and keep the Treo 650 on the floor.

    The BT420 comes with a dongle that beams the music to the headset.
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    I don't own a treo 650 (maybe soon) but I don't think it is a horrible idea to take to the gym. Some people, especially people who are buying the 650, are trying to get less devices and not more. Why get a seperate mp3 player when the 650 can do the same thing? Just be sure to get a nice case or a good warranty Oh by the way, how is the 650 at handling music? Is the volume good through the headphones? Mike
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    I use bluetooth stereo headset (Bluetake BT420) and keep the Treo 650 on the floor.

    The BT420 comes with a dongle that beams the music to the headset.
    Really? Yours is the first post I've seen to indicate you can get music via bluetooth.
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    One thing I hate worse than people sitting around on the bench's at my gym is people sitting on my benchs and yakking on the phone, if you plan to use it for a music player fine but coming to the gym and yakking on the phone while people are working out bug me and I'm sure other also.

    Trust me people arent that busy that they need to be on the phone while working out...once again if your using it for a music player then thats cool but talking on a phone while working out is not.

    If your lifting weights doesnt something wrapped around your arm restrict movement? why not use a hip holster with a case that would protect the screen? Most walkmans I see on people arms are lightweight mp3 players...I dont think I've seen to many people with ipod sized devices on their arms and if i did I'd probably chuckle just like I do when I see the guys with the FM radios attached to the headbands working out

    Don't take my comments wrong..I've been training for 20 years and have seen them come and go in the gym and think you would be better off with an ipod than looking like a geek with a Treo on his bicep, I'd suggest you wear it on your hip instead and avoid people laughing at you behind your back.
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    I used my T-600 for 17 months with no problems at all. I just used my I-Volution case on my hip. I plan to do the same with the T-650.
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    I guess lifting weights might be a little more difficult. I have used my pda at the gym for months with no problems, but I mostly do cardio so I can either hold it in my hand, which does not bother me, or I can even place it in the drink cup in front of me. I even take it when I jog outside. So far so good, the only problem I risk is dropping it.. Mike
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    Motorola used to make armband cases / straps for their walkie talkie things. I tried them for montain biking and frankly they weren't that useful cause they were hard to activate out there and when you took a fall, it seemed you always wound up on that side.

    I wouldn't risk a Treo in such and exposed area. I'd clip it to one of the hooks on my camelback where it's much more convenient to reach and far more protected in a header or other tumble.
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    You would be surprised to see how nicely the Treo fits into Apple's Ipod carrying case with belt clip. Of course its not an armband, but you can clip it your belt. I believe dell makes a carrying case for their AXIM's which are almost identical, but they have a notch at the bottom; you may be able to put the Treo upside down and have the Antenna go into the notch and the headphone socket will be on top.

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