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    I have a GSM unlocked Treo 650.
    I can use BT DUN with my BT enabled laptop (enabling DUN on Treo 650 BT Prefs)

    I also own a Clie NX70V which runs PalmOS 5.1 and a BT memory stick for Clie's BT connections.
    But when I want to use DUN to connect my NX70V over Treo 650 it does not work.
    Treo 650 and Clie are paired successfully.

    What I want to do is:
    use Treo 650 as a GPRS modem for my Clie (with BT connection)

    Why doesn't BT DUN work with a PalmOS handhed instead of Laptop ?

    any idea ?
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    Has anyone with Treo 650 managed to use Treo 650 as a BT modem for another PalmOS device ?
    Please help me on this issue. I see not reason why it shouldn't work...

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