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    Background: 2000 minute unlimited data plan shared by three Treo 600's - been a sprint customer for 5 years plus. Each person on my plan has replaced their Treo 600 at least 3 times. Count them... that is about 9-12 Treo 600's... I know some of you have had similar or worse (much worse) experiences.

    Anyways.. last week I took my personal Treo 600 in to get it TESTED as they call it. It was having what I term "STALLING" problems while making phone calls and some of the touch screen was turning YELLOW. The yellow spots seemed to be getting worse.

    The customer service rep took the phone as usual and tested it. It didn't pass.. so he said they would replace it with a reconditioned Treo 600. (I guess they think this sounds better than refurbished.) I asked if he would upgrade and he said he couldn't. I then asked if I could talk to a manager and ask them if I can get an upgrade... his reaction as yes you can talk to them but there is no way in this world they will do it. I said I wanted to ask anyways...

    The manager on duty came over and I told her breifly my problem and that this was the 4th time I had brought in my Treo 600 with problems and leave only to get a refurbished treo 600. I just plainly asked "will you upgrade me to a Treo 650 instead of a 600." she then asked for my phone number and looked up my account. She took 10 minutes to research my history and as she did that it took everything in me not to talk to her and beg for the 650. I just sat there and waited. (understand I have tried this method everytime I have had a problem with my phones back to the treo 300 days and it never worked til now.) Yes she did it! She ordered me a 650 (refurbished) and two days later I was back in the store to pick it up.

    I have had a few problems because it did not come with the CD that new ones come with. Luckily people on this forum have been helpful with where to download some of the installs.

    Anyways.. I wanted to put this on here so that if any of you that are having problems with your 600.. don't give up! I upgraded for FREE. You just have to get the right person behind the desk.

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