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    I downloaded my favorite cartoon TV series using "bit torrent" and most files where either in divx or xvid format. However, each TV season/episode was formatted differently and the files format didn't work properly when using MMPlayer on my Treo 650. Some of the files (ranging from 80MB to 170MB per file) were either formatted with too much bit rate that choked on the MMPlayer or the files were formatted with the wrong MP3 sampling rate, in either case the audio/video were out of sync (and in addition some of the files, the volume level were too low on my Treo650). I first tried using Dr. Divx to re-format to an acceptable file (I tried multiple types of conversations and settings) with no luck. Usually the audio/video were out of sync. I then tried PocketDivXEncoder which has a feature to fix audio/video out of sync issues (once again I tried numerous types of files and different settings) with no luck.

    Luckly, I tried Sonic MyDVD Deluxe and Pocket-DVD Studio to fix my problem. I transcoded my divx or xvid files to the standard .vob DVD format using Sonic MyDVD Deluxe program then I encoded the files with the Pocket-DVD Studio program.

    In detail, I start Sonic MyDVD Deluxe program-->pick option "Create or modify a DVD-project" -->"Get Movie" (navigate to where my downloaded files are on my hard drive). If burning a DVD there's usually a 4.7 GB limit and I could only pick 4 TV episodes but since I am not burning a DVD, I pick about 6 episodes (or 8 when it's an over night thing) --> on top of the Sonic MyDVD Deluxe program lists File,Edit,View,Tool, under Tool --> Make DVD Folder (I then save project and I choose where I want to make the DVD on my hard drive). This step makes about a 6 to 8 plus GB folder.

    Once I have the project completed, I use Pocket-DVD Studio to re-encode a file that works on my Treo650. I open the Pocket-DVD Studio program, under File-->Open DVD (navigate to the DVD folder I created with the Sonic MyDVD Deluxe program) choose the VIDEO_TS folder--> in the Title box, I pick the Title-01 (notice the other 5 to 7 files also)--> under Settings, I choose the Advance Output Setting, and I browes to where I want to place the newly encoded file (the file that works with my MMPlayer)-->I then pick the farthest Crop Window setting (full screen-304 X 192 58kPixel resolution)-->using the slider I max out my Output size (usually 65MB file)--> and finally I click the Start button to begin the encoding process. After I encode all the Title-01 thru 08 files, I delete the DVD folder that the Sonic MyDVD Deluxe program created, and I repeat the whole process again for the rest of the remaining TV episodes.

    Using this method, I fixed the A/V sync problem (and those annoying pop-up warnings in MMPlayer), the volume level are now a bit louder, and the file sizes are smaller. I hope this could help some of you people out there.

    Other Useful Info...
    Pocket-DVD Studio program settings

    Bitrate 80kb
    Sampling 22 Khz
    Volume level--> one tab past middle mark

    framerate 24fps
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    that's very complex and requires 2 programs to buy?
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    Yes, I agree it's a complex, time consuming method. I was totally stoked (happy) that I downloaded 15 seasons (15 + episodes each season) of my favorite TV show off a bit torrent website. However, the A/V sync problems took the steam out of my happiness (I have a dvd player that plays the divx/xvid files with no problems).
    After reading and goggling for weeks, I had to come up with my own solution. I do recall other people having the same problems but with no solutions. So, I threw in my own two cents.
    I did have to buy Pocket DVD and MMplayer, but Sonic MyDVD came with my DVD-burner.
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    Wow.. The main things I watch on my Treo are downloaded tv shows and I just use VirtualdubMod (and occasionally in conjuction with AviSynth and BeSweet) and they look great on the treo. I wish I had time to make a guide for it. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy.
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    Hmmm, thanks for your suggestion. I downloaded VirtualdubMod (kinda cool that you don't have to install program seems to run on it's own) and I pick my video file. I got my video to display in the window (actually there were two display), and I hit a play button, and it played okay on one window. When I hit the stop button, the second displayed were the video stopped. Am I suppose to Save As, and change parameters? Seems there are a few options to choose from in the Save As window. Also, there are a lot of parameters/options elsewhere, am I suppose to change (i.e, under File, Edit, Video, Streams, Options, and Tools listed on top).

    If you don't have much time, just list a quick list, and I think I can figure the rest out.
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    You have to choose a codec (xvid or divx - you must have one installed) and go from there (I use 2-pass xvid).. Do some searching out there for guides (I suggest or and learn how virtualdubmod works, and how to make settings that are right for you.

    A little off topic, but there is a free palm video player that is in the works and rumor has it that it is really good. I am going to test it out tonight and I will follow up.
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    VirtualDub is a pain. I wrestled with it for days then finally tried Kinoma Producer & Player. Well worth it. Drag and drop, converts to about a meg/minute.
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    handtruck, I have ripped many movies and video files using divx and xvid in the past, I am aware on how to use programs that do this. However, your previous post suggested that you fixed other people's already encoded divx/ xvid TV shows. I am trying to find a quicker solution then the one I posted above (yet I am happy that my solution works for me).

    The VirtualDubMod program you suggested seems to have a better interface than VirtualDub(daunting), so I am supposed to re-encode the TV shows by using a 2-pass, that would most likely fix my Audio / Video sync problems when using MMPlayer? Dr. Divx does a 2-pass , but from what I understand, it's an inferior program, and I tried many times (different settings) but failed, so I gave up on it.

    Bottom line is that other people's ripped movies/ TV shows in dixv / vxid format are not all create equal, and MMPlayer complains and I lose A/V sync; so I have to somehow make my MMPlayer happy by re-encoding the ripped TV/Movie video files. Pocket DVD has always made my MMPlayer work on my Treo650 so to me this is the gem (MMPlayer compatiable). However, Pocket DVD only works with DVD format, and not mpeg4 files.

    I guess I should have titled this post "Pro-Pocket DVD" or "GUI friendly programs"....

    DaThomas, I used to use Kinoma Producer & Player in the past(2yrs ago) it was the only playa in town. MMPlayer has blossom, and usually, I don't have to convert my video files (to a PDA format) for it to play(just drag and drop). I can't wait to hear more about this new player handtruck had mention.
    Thanks for your replies.
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