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    Is it possible to connect an external antenna to the 650? Either a better antenna or one that could be remotely mounted. I am trying to get a better signal when I use PDANet to get a data connection to my laptop, so portability is not that big of a deal... would like to get the best signal quality. This house is made of cement! Thanks!!
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    Look up the boosters made by JD Tek. They have an adapter for the Treo.
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    Check out my posts on Wilson antennas. They have an adapter for the Tre0 650 and a cost effective external antenna hook up.
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    Yes, Wilson has just released the antenna adapters so now you can have an external antenna. BIG bang for the buck. I ordered 3 of 'em. If you REALLY need coverage, then you can now use the 650 in conjunction with an amplifier/preamp.

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