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    I've read about how the Jabra eargels are needed for the HBH-300 when in a noisy environment. Just curious: Sprint users who have updated to 1.08, do you guys still find a need for the Jabra eargels or is the volume now sufficiently loud?
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    I already have a Jabra eargel attached (via crazy glue so it would not spin around or fall off when I squish it into my briefcase or pocket).

    Since upgrading my ROM I do believe the volume has gotten louder as, for the first time, I find myself occasionally lowering the headset volume. However, I have not yet gone so far as to remove my eargel.

    So I guess I'd say, it's seems louder but not loud enough that I would be confident that I'd hear sufficiently without the gel. Specifcally, it was only ever in my car that I needed the gel (Acura MDX, not a quiet Mercedes, but also not a noisy convertible).

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