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    Is there any logic to not being able to view pictures taken and sent by a sprint phone on ANOTHER sprint phone??? i can't believe i can't see a pic taken on a friend's 650 on my own 650. are there other carriers with that limitation?
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    They would either have to send you the picture; or you would have to go to in blazer, then put in there # and password. Those are the only ways I know of.
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    You can send a picture to another Sprint phone via Picture Mail.
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    I cant believe we (Sprint) dont have MMS!! What I dont like is that we cant recieve MMS's either! And everyone we send it to has to click on a link (which means it has to be a web-enabled phone and the service has to be activated) just to see our pictures! Ohk, that is just a price to pay for the wonderful digital data service Sprint provides, I guess. Venting over.
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    Sprint is always trying to do things differently. The only advantage I see with picture mail is you can share pictures you've uploaded as an album. Similar to Ofoto or Snapfish. A friend of mine took pictures at a wedding and the next day she sent me a sprint link and was able to view all the pictures.
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    Yeah, I like Sprint bcuz of their different drumbeat. But why do they have to aliennate us from the rest of the world? Sprint made SMS compatible..!
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    I've never tried this, and I think that even with this service the recipient is going to have to have a web-enabled phone (again I'm not positive since I've never tried this). That being said, this may be an option if you want to send/receive pics to/from a person with another carrier:

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