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    I am impressed with WebViewer (4.0) on my Treo 650 -- so much faster than the built-in browser (Blazer).

    However, after purchasing the program, I've become aware of several serious limitations. Can you confirm that the following are true with WebViewer (and that I'm not just missing something):

    It can't read from or write to the Palm OS, so
    [1] it won't launch from a link in an email or elsewhere
    [2] you can't download any files with it
    [3] you can't copy any images or text from the browser it any Palm app.

    Is there any hope that any of these will be addressed in a future (i.e. eminent) release?
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    1. yes will launch links from emails plus its the ONLY palm browser that can read PDF files and decode text in images such as faxed documents.

    2. no you can't down load files

    3. you can't save images, howeverer you can copy and paste most text

    Reqwireless upgrades Webviewer about twice a year I've had it since 1.0 on my Sanyo 4900 now its 4.0
    The Treo version is the most advanced version of Webviewer its alot simpler on regular mobile phones. Its my favorite browser by far.

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