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    I just got my first Treo650. I've had many Palms in the past. My most recent was the Tungsten C. I had trouble loading it on my laptop so I loaded it on my work computer with no trouble. It hot sync. and worked all day. I had to remove a bunch of my programs because it took up too much space on the Treo. At the end of the day I went to do a hot sync before I went home. It seems to do it ok but then at the end it powered off and on again...and just kept doing that. It would power off...power on to the Palm name screen and then off again. Taking out the battery didn't help nore did a hard reset. I took it back to the store and they gave me another one (the guy couldn't figure it out either). The first time I set up the second one and hot sync it, it did the same thing. HELP PLEASE. I don't want to have to take this one back as well. I live in Toronto and the 650 is a new product for us.
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    It sounds like you've got some incompatible app from your previous device. Check these upgrade instructions for ways to prevent that.
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    If Your Treo uses a SIM card, this might help. I just switched from Sprint to Cingular (big mistake). First day I got the Cingular Treo the phone kept shutting off for no apparent reason( not resets, just the phone kept shutting off) . I noticed that the SIM card was not fully inserted even thought it looked like it was. After reinserting the card I had no problems since.
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    When you mean power off, I guess you mean the phone radio turns off by itself.. I'm in toronto too and use the Treo 650 (P1 unlocked) for more than a month far so good....if you're using rogers one, can you always bring it back for them to fix it...if not, check your firmware to see if you're running 1.15 (software 1.06-ROW)...if not...try it...I have a friend who have the radio off problem before...and after flash, it runs much better.
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    some good's another...
    make sure you have all your prc programs saved to your computer. Erase everything on your treo. Sync with your computer. Do a hard reset. Then load all your programs one at a time. I had some issues before and that seemed to clear everything up.
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    Thanks for all the tips. My 3rd Treo seems to be working. I think one of my apps from my Tungsten C was causing it to crash. A hard reset would not even correct the problem. Before syncing my 3rd Treo I got rid of all my programs except my memo's, contact and tasks. So far so good. I've only added veri chat so far.

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