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    I have been a regular user of Handspring since the days of Visor. I like the Citytime provided by Handspring as it gives me a vacility to display atleast 4 time zones in a single window. in T600, it also had a facitlity to change the time zones as you move to different cities, by choosing the option of moving to different city. It helped me a lot as I deal with clients around the globe a travels a lot as well

    There is no citytime in T650, it has been replaced by the worldtime, which is from T5 I suppose.

    I found the city time to be better than the world time. Is there anyway that I can use citytime in T650 instead of the world time
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    You have to pay for it but from what I've read, the latest version of CT is compatible with the 650.
    I bought it for my Tungsten C 2 years ago and plan on using it when I get my VZW 650.
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    Was the city time created by the handspring
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    No, Citytime was developed by CodeCity out of Melbourne, Australia. Handspring licensed a feature-reduced version for the Visor series, just as they licensed a cut-down version of Pimlico's DateBk4 (or was it 3) and called it Datebk+
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    Can we copy the city time PRC which is available in the T600 to T650
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    I tried copying the treo 600 version of city time, and it caused a reset every time I tried to run it.
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    too bad.. city time was a good program
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    You can still get the shareware version of CityTime from PalmGear
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    From what I've heard, the latest version should work on the 650. I have it on my Tungsten C and will beam it to whenever I get my VZW 650.
    It's one of my favorite programs. When I bought the TC 2 years ago, it was the first add-on I put on it.
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    The latest version of CityTime is 5.7.5 and it does indeed run great on the 650. It has some nice really enhancements such as a great zoomed hi-res display, areacode finder, currency converter and super-cute sunrise/sunset/moonphase utility. This is in addition to all its regular stuff of course. Well, I bought it!

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