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    I am having fun with Chatter after being a Snapper customer.

    I have the AOL push figured out and I am able to get my POP via QSync.

    My question: Is this the only way I can get my POP (vis Qsync) or am I able to be online and have the email pushed to me.

    If I am able to have a true push with POP, what am I doing wrong?
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    There's no such thing as Push with POP3.
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    Right. POP3 is a very old protocol that is extremely simple and is designed for individual, exclusive sessions. IMAP was designed for long sessions with simultaneous access.

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    Thankyou. I understand.

    Curious: What do you mean by "long sessions".

    (I do see all the advantages of IMAP. Unfortunately I have to use POP due to an account at work...)

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