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    Does the Sprint 1.08 ROM have the "call duration" field added to the Call Log like the Cingular version has? (The 1.03 ROM does not)

    Can someone with the 1.08 update confirm or deny that this is here?
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    I have it on my sprint for after the update. I did install the patch from shadowmite that enabled it in the begining. So I don't know if it is still enabled from that or not
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    I did the 1.08 update from Sprint. I did not apply any of Shadowmite's patches. I do not have call duration.
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    I installed Shadowmite's 1.08 update. The phone still reports 1.03 (although according to his page this is normal). I do not have the call duration field.

    I'd really really really (really!) like to get that feature. If anyone has a clue please let me know.

    I've got a guy at work that may be willing to write me something to track the call duration (we develop software for Palm / PPC / Blackberry / Other weird devices). If this is a feature that the phone is supposed to have though I'd hate to ask. (I'm a Windows/Mac developer who's clueless on the Palm.)
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    just download one of the splash screens on shadowmite. it has the call duration built right in with the fix for the ## codess. FYI simply "turning on" the call duration caused the ## codes to be disabled. the shadowite patches fix that
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    I'll take a look. What are the ## codes?

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