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    Hi there, I'll try to be short. 1 month old Treo 600, almost no problems, until suddenly last weekend the phone started acting strangely. Here are the symptoms.... Dial a #, press "dial" and after a second or 2 I just get the numeric screen again. On the rare occasions that the phone does connect there's quite a bit of static. Other times, it's crystal clear, and there seems no rhyme nor reason. I have a second phone, so I know it's not network/area problems, as the second phone (Motorola V220) works flawlessly. In addition, there have been a few times the Treo has reset itsself for seemingly no reason. I have hard reset several times, and this has not helped. Has anyone else heard of these kinds of problems? And.... I should say that this all began when I REGISTERED (not installed) Lightwav 5.3 and Freedom 1.2, but I am not sure if that is just coincidence, as I had been using both apps for 2 weeks before the problems began.

    One final thing. I noticed that a hard reset does not completely remove everything from the Treo, and I am concerned that files or file fragments may have something to do with this. I know this because even after a hard reset, when I dial a # that WAS in my contact list, it shows me the name, etc.... I thought a hard reset was the equivalent to a "format" on a PC, so my question is.... How do I restore my Treo 600 to the condition (file wise) it was in when I bought it? AND..... is it necessary to do this to purge the unit completely. By the way, I have no other apps on my Treo, except Pocket tunes. I have a 1 gig Sandisk SD card, and I have a couple of hundred MP3s on it. And.... Palm has offered to replace the unit, but with a refurb unit. After only a month of having it, I really am not crazy about that, so I'd rather fix mine if possible.

    I apologize for being so "wordy" but I wanted to make sure I gave all of the info. Anything anyone can do would be greatly appreciated. I really enjoy this Treo, and would like to have it back in tip top shape if possible.


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    That on 2 occasions, I have received an urgent message telling me that my battery was critically low, and the unit would be shutting down. This despite the battery being almost completely charged. The phone never did shut down either...


    Thanks again
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    Sounds like you have the famous battery/"Network Search" problem that so many others have had. I'm on my third phone; others have had more than that. It will probably stop if you fully charge the phone. My advice, though - back everything up, and while it's doing it, take it to a full-service Sprint store for testing. If it fails the test, you're eligible for replacement. They used to replace them with new phones, but I think all the 600s are being replaced with refurbs now.

    Good luck!

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