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    VersaMail did not work right on my Unlocked Treo 650 properly. It would keep downloading email that were deleted and asked to be deleted on the server too. This was a real pain in the ****.

    Finally with the Sprint version, I can resume proper use of VersaMail.

    The downside is there no way to get my old mail (inbox and sent folder) content to my new device. Somebody need to create a way to export email from Versamail into a file like Outlook allows.
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    If you want to see all your email you sent from VersaMail, in Outlook, then you need to add your email address to the "always BCC a copy to" in the Reply options.

    I think you CAN get your sent and inbox files to your new device, afterall, they are just files on your palm. The thing is you just need to figure out which files to move... It's not really worthwhile to me to find out, but you might find that they are the same files that need to be deleted when VersaMail ended up with a corrup database. I think You can find an tech article on this, on PalmOne's site.

    Jacob H.

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