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    Every couple of days, my unit seems to slow to an almost frozen state. A soft reset fixes it. Are there methods to fix this?
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    Seriously though, this is gradual? Not after loading anything?
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    I have the same problem. Every coupla days I have to soft reset. It's almost like the unit freezes up. No special software installed other than snapper and docs 2 go. .
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    Check out this thread. The NVFS cache is the important number. If the total free and largest chunk free get too low, things will slow down. A soft reset will fix this. In a way this is like having to reboot Winblows periodically to clear out the trash.

    Here is the thread:
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    I had weird things going on too, but after upgrading to Sprint Update 1.08, I haven't had a single reset or freeze. Before the update I was experiencing roughly 4-5 resets per day. I haven't had to reset in nearly 48 hours (knock on wood).

    I use the typical programs (Chatter, Blazer, tons of SMS, LinkStart, RightBackup) and didn't think I was using anything special that might cause a reset, but nevertheless, they were destined to happen. Now I am stable and completely content with my Treo 650.

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