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    i'm now using butler with the attention grabber enabled for voicemail and you can set it to remind you at intervals of your choice..
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    Hey just catching up on this issue. After having a replacement 650 because I got the random reset issue, I am loathe to install any helper apps. Plus it bugs me to have to buy an app just to address vmail vibrate.

    Did anyone ever figure out why this happens? With sound on, vmail vibrate works. All other vibrate alerts work fine with sound off - just the damn vmail.

    Could it be something SPrint related - like in silent mode the firmware upgrade sets the vmail icon on but somehow neglects to activate a vibrate?

    We know the vibrate function works and that the vmail alert comes to the phone because the icon and on screen alert work...grrrrr
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    BUMP: Did anyone ever figure out why this is happening?
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