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    Nevermind...... I found the details in the software forum. Sorry, I am searching from my Treo, so did not search as well as I should have.

    Original question:
    Whenever I click on the Special mission button, my 650 soft resets. Anyone else have this problem? There did not appear to be any posts related to this in the 650 forum. Thanks.
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    This is a known problem. It happens when you press the "Special" button
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    u found the fix right
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    I've never heard of any fix for it.
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    Use the SEARCH feature people... I posted a fix months ago... unofficial version 1.2.1
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    I did use the search about 5 minutes after I posted this when I finally got to a PC (thus my update at the beginning of my post ). Thanks so much for the fix. I am glad to be able to finally play again.

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