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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    timexx8 - Rogers is GSM, right? On GSM, the arrows are always on (but it doesn't mean that data is being sent). On CDMA phones, however, green arrows mean the data connection is ACTIVE. Thanks for reminding me of this...

    treolo - timexx8 makes a great point. If you're on a GSM system, the green arrows WILL always be on, and that DOESN'T mean your calls are going to VM.

    Yes Rogers Wireless is GSM, Thanks for clarification Marc...all calls I receive even with a constant data connection on GSM and nothing gets sent to VM unless I don't answer it.
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    Marc -

    Trying out Chatter with the AOL implementation. Nice job there! A couple of possible issues, and a comment:

    1. In preferences, I set it to "sleep" from 11pm to 7am. This morning when I checked it at about 7:30, it had not automatically gone back online. I am assuming it should?

    2. Also, I went into my agenda view in the default calendar app, and things were a little mixed up. The boxes on my to-do list were smiley faces, and there was a weird white border at the bottom. I went out and back in, and all was fine. This never happened before, so I assume it was Chatter-related. (Nice to see that Chatter interfaces with the e-mail display on the phone screen!)

    3. I got another e-mail at 8:40 but it never showed up on the Treo. (Signed on my PC about 9). Chatter does show that I am online. Ideas?

    Finally, a comment. I like the autocomplete for recently used e-mail addresses. Why not have it do that for all e-mail addresses in Contacts like Versamail does? (In my opinion, that's the only good thing about Versamail!) Or, at least make it easier to get to lookup. Chatter requires an extra step to get to that; would be easier if there was a dialog button right on the main compose screen (unless I'm missing something).

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    Mike -

    1. It should have gone back online. Is it possible to make a log of this tomorrow (i.e. keep logging on and send a log a bit after 7am)?

    2. I've never, ever heard this before. Chatter has no way of interfacing with the calendar app, by the way.

    3. A log would be good here too, if this is repeatable. What icon is showing in the bottom-right of the screen?

    And finally... I plan on doing that, in fact, but I wasn't sure how to do it at the time I introduced the limited auto-complete. Maybe I'll look at that this week.

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    Silly question but... Do you have the AOL account set to Q-Sync every "n" minutes?
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    Marc - Thanks. I turned logging on. You'll need to remind me which file I need to send. Also, just noticed that a message received at 10:07am on the device and later read on the desktop was still showing as unread. That should update, too, right?

    My time is also showing up as 11!21am on Chatter... Weird.

    Jaytee - I don't think so, but where would that pref be?
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    The exclamation point only means that logging is turned on. It's supposed to be a visual reminder, because if you leave logging on accidentally, your Treo will start running out of memory after a while.
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    jberman - Actually, the Treo shouldn't run out of memory unless (perhaps) you're using "verbose" as an option. The log recycles itself after 2000 entries.

    Mike - The easiest way to send a log is with the "bug" command in the Console.

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    Great, thanks!
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    Marc - Figured out the issue with the read/unread by clicking Sync Flags. However, is there a way to turn off alerts for messages that sync but which are already read?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jberman
    The exclamation point only means that logging is turned on. It's supposed to be a visual reminder, because if you leave logging on accidentally, your Treo will start running out of memory after a while.
    Could you elaborate on that? Is that a good or bad thing? What is the advaged? How do I turn it off?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    Could you elaborate on that? Is that a good or bad thing? What is the advaged? How do I turn it off?
    Turns out I was wrong... it won't fill up your memory. But I can't really see any reason to leave logging on unless you're having a problem.

    During normal operations, Chatter goes about its business and doesn't leave behind any internal "record" of what it's done - a history of its server connections, what email it sent out or received, etc. However, if you experience a problem (can't connect to your server, Chatter resets on you, etc), you can tell Chatter to keep a record of what it's been doing. That's the log. It takes up some space on your Treo and (probably) slows down Chatter a little bit (most likely a very little bit). The log is pretty meaningless to you but means a lot to Marc. If you can trap one of those errors in a log and then use the console's "bug" command to send the log to him, he can usually diagnose what's going on. I don't know how he finds the time to do it, but he does.

    So, bottom line is that unless you're having a problem, you can leave logging off. But if there's an issue that you'd like Marc to take a look at, turn logging on and try to reproduce the problem. You turn logging on by going to the Pref menu, choosing "Console", then typing log and hitting OK. Repeat that process to turn logging off. You can also remove any existing logs with the "clearlog" command. In the console, "note xxxxxx" appends xxxxxx into the log so Marc can have a reference point - you can say something like "note trying to reconnect now." The console "bug" command emails it to Marc.

    HTH, Jesse
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Treolo -That message is from Chatter, which is assuming there's a data connection problem because of repeated failures to connect to your server(s). But it could just be that some server address is wrong, I suppose. You'd have to send a log.

    Regarding the "too many TCP connections" problem, again, it must somehow relate to your setup. Chatter plays very nicely with Web, Xiino, PocketTunes, and pretty much every other app as well. Again, a log would probably be very helpful.



    I'm able to send an receive messages initially, but then after some time chatter gets idle and loses connection and tries to reconnect. What would be the right settings for AOL? I have the following:

    for imap server:
    for smtp server:

    The rest I don't think should make any big difference with the connections, right?

    Let me know,


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    Treolo - Those are the settings I use; what settings do you use in "Delivery"? Send me a log and I'll take a look...

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    Mike E - What alerts are you wanting to turn off? The red "alert" box? (Sigh. Haven't gotten to that... Or is it something else?)

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    What happens when you move a message from an online mailbox to an offline one in AOL IMAP? Will the message be moved when the mailbox goes back online or will it be lost?


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    Marc -Don't want it to alert me when a message is received on the Treo but already marked read because I have read it on the desktop. Messages going to Treo versus arriving on desktop has been anywhere from instantaneous to 20 minutes.
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    Treolo - It's moved in real-time; it doesn't matter if the move-to folder even exists as a Mailbox in Chatter.

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    MikeE - It shouldn't alert you when a read message is received (and it doesn't on mine). The only one of the alerts that isn't aware of the read status is the red rectangle "alert" flag on the bottom left of the screen.


    p.s. You need to have "Keep Flags Synced" set in "Delivery" options, and this is VERY expensive if you're using AOL (because of AOL's inefficiencies).
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    Very expensive how so?
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    After some testing this is what happens on my Sprint Treo 650:
    Initially after a soft reset, everything seems to work fine including browsers, VeriChat, Pocket Tunes, 4Cast and Chatter. Then, after a short while, mailboxes start synching and get stuck and them others do the same thing and get stuck. At this point no http connection works. Then after a while they stop, but the connection is killed. So browsers don't work. The strange thing is that if I get new emails they will pop up. ??? but everything else is dead. What cleans everything back to normal is if I send an email from chatter after a short while my Treo goes back to normal.

    What is going on?
    Well, I think chatter tries to connect and gets stuck for some reason, so it gives up and drops all connections by blocking them in a way that not even after turning the radio off and on nothing happens. However, once an email is sent from an inbox it removes that block and all connections become available.
    This is just what I think happens. I'm not 100% sure about this, but if it helps Marc debugging chatter then good. Is anybody else having a problem with AOL IMAP and chatter?


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