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    I am new to wireless data devices. Does anyone know of a program that can monitor how much data I have downloaded so I won't get a major shock when my bill comes. I have no idea how much data I have downloaded.
    Thank you in advance
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    Just thought I would bump this up to the first page ... I heard that there were software programs to do this. I can't be the only person who wants to know how much data they are downloading!
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    I used trafficstat on Treo 600, but on Treo 650 I've had problems with it.
    Actually it runs fine but when Trafficstat is installed and enabled, I get software resets (many times a day)
    I've informed the developer but they couldn'T yet find a solution.
    When I disable Trafficstat I have no resets...
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    Downloaded TraficStat yesterday and installed it but everytime I tried to set it to do something, it asked me for a code ... I just wanted to test it. Then I did some downloaded and went back to TrafficStat and everything was still set at 0. So I deleted it from my palm.

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