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    DO NOT BUY A TREO 650. The product was released PRIOR to it being perfected. It is a pda phone that looked great on the drawing board, felt great in the palm... but FAILED real-world useability. I am finally admitting that the Palm Treo, though nicely conceived, is no more than an experimental, stop-gap product, that will cause it's users nothing but aggravation and headaches. Having owned 4 TREO 300's, 5 TREO 600's and 1 TREO 650... I'm convinced... It looks good on the outside... but that's it. Don't waste your money on a promise... find a different product.

    Yes... I tried every fix listed on these and palm's pages. I'm still experiencing resets. I was told by Sprint that expect these product-specific problems to be fixed within 2-3 months. Right. I could wait... and miss calls (loss of business) and **** with these little ineffectual work-arounds... and HOPE that sprint will reward me with knocking off 2-3 months worth of billing... or just bail. Bailing seems the vetter choice.

    When a company puts out a product for public consumption... they must accept the liability and react if need be... I feel they are banking on the fact that the sex appeal of the product and people's general complacency will allow them to beta test at our expense.

    Bad form Palm. Bad form Sprint. Bad form for me buying into the TREO mindset.

    Granted... r & d pays off... eventually. It took apple 20 years to figure it out. I guess the TREO 5000 will get it right. I'll pre-order one of those... and go out and get me a cheapo nokia.

    I'm one pissed-off TREO USER... and Palm is doing the pissing.

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    You really seem to be in the minority here.

    Granted, there are alot of people who have had reset issues, but they have either swapped out their unit for a new one that does not reset, or taken action to tweak their 650 to configure it properly so it will not reset.

    I have had mine for 2 months now (gsm,though), and had a reset issue for a few days, but thanks to all the help here at TC, I tweked the configuration, and have had no more than 1 reset per week for the last 3 weeks. (i did not have to lose any of my apps either).

    I realize you are unhappy with yours, and yes, tell us aout your issues...get some advice on how others have overcome the issues you are having, but please, please do not be so arrogant as to tell a whole community not to buy this unit because you can clearly see that most of us are happy with ours.
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    Finally... got a new one from sprint. so far, with the exact same software packages no resets yet!

    Perhaps they've gotten it together, or I'm just luckier this time.
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    I bought the Treo 650 a few weeks ago from Cingular and was suffering from multiple resets per day. I thought the internal software must be buggy, and Palm support website was no help, but thanks to reading, I now have a beautiful, trouble free phone and I couldn't be happier.

    How? First, after a reset, I typed "#*377" followed by the green phone button (as posted by users of this website), and voila, I saw the infamous "HalRadioAcDc.c" bug. Since this is apparently a hardware issue I promptly returned the phone to Cingular for another one, and they were pleasant and helpful and exchanged it without questions (of course I left the error message up for them to see).

    The new phone seemed to work much better, with none of the usual resets, but within 24 hours it was turning off randomly (the PDA would stay on, just the phone would switch off). I finally isolated the problem to tapping the Treo on the right side - yes, that's right, tapping the Treo 650 on the right side would 100% reliably turn the phone portion off. I took this second phone back to Cingular, and they also exchanged it without difficulty (I couldn't resist demonstrating to them the amazing ability for the phone to turn off by simply tapping it).

    Three times a charm. My third Treo 650 works great, I love this phone! I guess the moral of the story is, being a software guy, I blamed software for all the phone resets, when in the end it really was a hardware issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Finally... got a new one from sprint. so far, with the exact same software packages no resets yet!

    Perhaps they've gotten it together, or I'm just luckier this time.
    I had the same problems..lots of resets for 2 months and finally sent mine back for a replacement, since it has arrived I have almost no resets...had 2 using TomTom navigator!

    I think the first batch may have been somewhat faulty but my replacement is running pretty good now and I have no complaints
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    Really, PalmOne management deserves a MORON award for letting opportunity and a chance at the future melt away with such undependable hardware. I have stopped trying to add any programs for fear my 650 becomes unstable.
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    using an application called Cleanup......never realized how many fragments from trial programs i had tried and stuff i thought i had completely deleted off of my helped solved issues i had with snappermail and with'd be surprised by the amount of fragmented waste a lot of people have in their phones.....
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    Hearing about all of these reset problems with the T650 makes me not want to upgrade from my T600 yet. The T650 is nice, but I need a stable phone most of all.
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