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    Hello to all of you. The title says it all, I am a former BB 7100t user w/ TMO but had problems due to software issues. The unit would often get stuck in perverbial network search despite the fact a TMO cell site was within 100ft, and a profound audio distortion. While the BB 7100t is an outstanding unit in terms of push email, web browsing and PIM, it's software issues proved to be disappointing enough to warrant a return of the unit.

    I am interested in purchasing the Treo 600 and am looking for some insight. I have perused the forum and have seen some of the problems that some of the users have experienced. Are most of the problems due to 3rd party offerings, OEM software or a combination thereof?

    I guess what I'm getting at is, your thoughts and opinions on the Treo 600 PDA/Handset to convince me to take the plunge. Thanks in advance.
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    Almost all the bugs are worked out of the 600. If you load it with chatter, you will find that it operates very much like the BB.

    The bonus is that there are 1,000's of programs for it (plus you have this awesome forum) :-)
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    Thanks T2! great start, now...anyone else? As 600 users, you all can't be this shy. I'd especially like to hear from users with TMO. Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

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