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    Not sure if it's related to the sprint firmware update or could it be related to the outage of sprint wap site. i'm located in San FRancisco area and haven't been able to logon to the sprintpcs wap homepage but can log on to other site. Also when I log into the yahoo wap site to check my email it... once I log into and come back i have to relog in again. Especially with the inbox. But sometimes when I click on the inbox it sents me to the login screen again. Once I log in I click the inbox but it sends me back again to the login screen. The weird thing is that I click to my bulk folder it goes to the bulk folder and not the login screen. Yahoo problem? Treo firmware problem? Sprint PCS problem? Anyone? Oh, if I hard reset my treo the yahoo email will work fine for awhile then it comes back. Soft reset won't work.
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    I'm on Sprint - I've seen this aslo- not sure what it is, but I don't belive it's the phone. More then likely sprint service.

    See how it is tomarrow. I think it will just "go away" (whihc is why I think it's the service) Drop a post, let us know
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