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    Looking real quick for what is considered the best Excel like spreadsheet for the Treo650. I would like it to be compatible and not too expensive.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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    Sheet-to-go works fine for me, although I am not a heavy spreadsheet user. I think it comes FREE with the 650. Look on the installation disk for it.
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    The Docs to Go suite of apps is great. When I'm travelling I can edit spreadsheets on the fly on my Treo 650 and e-mail them ahead to my office and have hard copies waiting when I walk in the door.

    And my experience with Dataviz customer service has been exceptional.
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    Although I can't speak for usability on the 650, I can tell you that the Docs to Go suite has served my well on my 600. I also use their Inbox to Go email app.
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    got it guys and thanks a lot... in fact, after posting, I snooped around my 650 and found the excel and word to go..... kinda of small for the screen (for these ole eyes) but it does work

    thanks again
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    I'm curious how you like your Inbox To Go email app. You are about the only person I've come across on the boards that uses this.

    What's the pros/cons of Inbox To Go email, as compared to VersaMail or SnapperMail? Any insight you have is appreciated.

    Thanks, Casey
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    Before the 650 came out quite a few used Inbox to Go. (and SnapperMail). But no one seems to be using on the 650.
    It works just right for me. I sync wirelessly only. So I get my emails when I'm away from my laptop. My email account is a POP (I use outlook express on my laptop). It leaves the received emails I sync wirelessly on the server. Seldom have problems.
    - no push
    -can't delete emails on server.
    -no auto check
    - no multiple accts (this is the only one of the cons I wish it had).
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    Since Docs to Go comes with the 650, I'd say that is the best place to start

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