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    the distance my treo650 and a tv or whatever has to be quite small for using noviiremote..any experiences with the noviiremote booster? what distance can it cross?
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    It's not comptable with the 600 or the 650. I wish it was though
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    Finally, someone answers my question about the 650 and NoviiRemote... I was wondering if the IR port was just as underpowered as the 600's. Say it aint so...! Say it aint SOOO! Dem slackers at PalmOne and dem lazy slackers at NoviiRemote! Cant they see that they will sell more Blaster's if they made it compatible with the Treo? Or am I overlooking some financial, business, secret bean-counting measure?
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    =P i think palmone should simply have built in a better IR port..they might be stupid, but i doupt that..its all about making more money and if the next treo will have one weakness less than this one..i would certainly buy it. =)
    anyway..BMIC50, u don't have some mobisystems software, du u?
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    mobisystems software...? I am afraid I am in the dark when it comes to that. What is it?
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    nevermind..just some cool office stuff i thought i could share..
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    P1 designers had a very good reason for putting finite limits on power consumption by the IR. Keep in mind that a fully functional 650 must be able to simultaneously power 4 transmitters (two bands of Cell, bluetooth and IR) plus the SDIO card interface and the screen (not to mention the NVMS). When you're talking about that many microdevices coming off of a single power supply the issue of load faults is of paramount importance (hence their decision to shy away from a wifi solution in the 6xx generation of Treos).

    Now you may want to argue that they should have increased the amps and voltage of the battery/powersupply. However, on that score P1 is beholden to the battery industry, whose primary (and most lucrative) customer base is interested in smaller, longer lasting, supplies.

    As far as range is concerned I find that 650 works better with devices that have centrally located IR receivers. e.g. NoviRemote on my 650 works exceptionally well at 12-15 feet for my RCA DirecTV box (port in front center)but not so well for my JVC 32 inch TV (port in the lower right).
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    teambnet, that all makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I never looked at it from a power view. Do you think a bypass could be devised to cripple b/t during IR usage to give the IR the power it needs? Are the IR ports just lower in their range instead of underpowered or do you think the same port is used on Palm's other handhelds, but just de-powered?
    So can I get your expertise on NoviiRemote's lack of Treo support for the Blaster?! Even though I wouldnt want something soo protrusive sticking out of my Treo all the time, I do use NoviiRemote quite often enough to purchase a Blaster if that was my only option. And as mentioned above, do you think a patch can be rendered to enable the Blaster to cooperate with the Treo or is it again a hardware problem?

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