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    I have a Sprint Treo 600 that I bought in May 2004. I have a bunch of WEIRD problems with it. Before I get a 650, I would want to make sure that these problems have been fixed! I don't need to pay $400-600 to have the same problems when I can continue having the same issue for free.

    1) The screen is dying. I have bright spots on my screen. I had none, then one, now a few, and they are growing. A friend with a 600 has orange spots on her screen that have been slowing growing like cancers. I'd like to think that someone put better screens in the 650.

    2) My phone randomly crashes. It didn't do this at first. It came along later in its life. Even after I did a factory reset and put none of my apps on yet, it did the same thing. More and more, it freezes when a call comes in. It has also been freezing DURING calls. I could be on for an hour with somebody, and all of a sudden, it says NO SERVICE when I had 4 bars a second before. It drops the call or freezes the phone.

    3) When my phone gets on a roll, I can't make or receive calls at all. It goes to dial, tells me I have no service, and hangs up. It then goes back to 3 or 4 bars. This is with the phone not moving an inch. I keep redialing, and it does the same thing. If a call comes in and I go to answer it, the phone crashes. Sometimes it restarts itself and sometimes it just freezes. This is really scary (in case of urgency) because I then can't reach anybody and they can't call me, and that's NOT good.

    I turned off the Enable Network Time thing, but that hasn't helped. I still randomly hang up on people, can't answer calls, and can't dial out. Randomly. I only know that once it starts, it's going to be like that so no use trying 20 times in a row like I used to.

    My boyfriend is on my Sprint account. He has a Sanyo phone, and none of these problems. So for those who might say I'm in a bad coverage area, he's not having ANY of these problems. I wish I had any faith that reporting my problems, sending it back, and getting a refurb would give me a BETTER phone. I'm sure I'd get another model already experiencing the same issues.

    Does the 650 do the same things or have they cleaned up these issues?

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    read all previous threads.....
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    That's a tall order. I'm trying to go back in time and read everybody's everything, but it's hard to sort things out. Hard to sort Cingular complainers from Sprint, etc...

    I guess my impression from what I have read so far is that nothing got fixed or changed. It's the 600 with Bluetooth and more memory.
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    The Treo 650 is a different phone altogether. Some 650's have problems that are fixed by exchanging them. Some 650's are prone to random resets. In general the 600 was more "stable", but I would consider the 650 an upgrade. Its more fun. Your 600 sounds sick.
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    Yep - Mgauss is correct - the 650, based on what I have read and experienced, is a completely diffeent phone then the 600. Palmone rebuilt the thiong from the ground up - w/ the exception of form. Examples:

    - NVFS system, good- never lose info, bad- slows up phone
    - OS 5.2, good- more usability, bad missing some of the 600's speacial features (first, last name)

    The Sprint version just got the firm upgrade. Even before this I would have recmoneded the phone. With this, I think the phone is a hit. Just remeber, it is a palm, it will have it's issues and soft resets. it's a different aniaml then your boyfriends phone.
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    I know it's different and will have resets. I just don't expect those to come during conversations. I also expect to be able to make a call when it shows 4 bars of service.

    I would think that my phone were sick if I didn't hear the same or similar complaints from every 600 user I know in real life (not counting people I don't know on message forums ). I don't trust sending it back as I'd think that other refurbs will be in the same or worse condition.
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    Resets during concersatrions - Never had that, I think you'll be fine.

    When there is service it works - There is a small delay ( as econd or 2) from when you hit a shotcut key and the phone actually dials

    I agree - your phone is sick. I had a 'bad' 600 also, many people on this forum did, thus the earlier suggestion to read the forum. Got to the sprinit stroe, they will check it, they will send you a refurbished. I had a referb for months , worked better then the original (thier are also a number of threads on the 600 forum aout that)

    Also, there was a thread about a guy who returned his 600 (similar problems) and cam out w/ a 650. I think he had to pay a little money, but got the better phone.

    hope that helps
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