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    I've spend a few days here trying to seek answers to these questions and while I'm finding bits and pieces, I'm simply looking for a quick down and dirty guide that compares the different service plans, who includes or disables what, and who offer the best serivce - obviously for the best price.

    I've been a happy Version user in the Chicago area for many years with my T720 and have been waiting for the Verizon version of the 650. However, after reading here, I just realized that my current ~$45/mo bill (I use less than 400min/mo) is going to at least double by sticking with them. Wow.

    I have read something about going with Sprint which has the unlimited at $15/Mo opposed to Verizons $50. Then pay another $5 for free roaming and I get the benefit of backing into Verizons greater coverage area - perhaps nationally? Saving $30 a month sounds very nice.

    However, I have also read that some providers don't offer full feature service and/or disable the phones capabilities. I just can't find a comparison to see if this means I might be missing something for this $30 savings?

    While I don't anticpate using the internet much for casual surfing, I suppose it would be handy in a pinch. As such, I would think you would almost have to go with an unlimited plan because one search session could burn up a 5 mb plan pretty easily, right?

    I will primarily be using the contacts - phone book / and scheduler calendar features. Can this be sync'd with Outlook 2000? I hear some service providers disable Blue Tooth, but will it sync if my laptop has IR? Would these be effected by different providers?

    Also, I would really love to be able to do email. However, does this require internet service - again I assume you pretty much need to go unlimited, if so. The one issue is, I know my works exchange server is not accessable. As such, I wonder if I can just forward my email via outlook to say a gmail acct. Then I just enble POP and retrive it via the 650? Will that work? Can you have multiple email accounts, say one gmail and one comcast?

    Sorry for all of the questions, but this is a big investment for me. Seeing I'll be locked in for 2 years, I'd hate to make a mistake. I have checked T-Mobile but they seem to have very poor coverage area outside of the metro areas, so thay are out. I know nothing about Cingular, but have read many negatives here, so I might have arbitrarily omitted them.

    If anyone can help me get to a decision here, I would really appreciate it!

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    Sprint is probably your best bet. $15 at Sprint will get you unlimited data and some. Sprint disabled the DUN function on BT, but this probably won't affect you. Wireless email with outlook 2000 is not a problem...the issue is more with your ISP and email service.
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    Can you be specific on what plans I should get?

    You start with a base cell plan, then would I add the Vision Professional? Then get the PCS Free & Clear to back into the Verizon nw for $5.

    Last, can someone answer if the email will work with POP gmail?

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    works great with pop gmail
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    i use the sprint fair and flexible plan. i'm not sure what my exact breakdown is, and i also have SMS in addition to Sprint PCS Vision, but i see my bills ranging anywhere from $75-90. i still recommend it over verizon though.
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    A lot depends on what your needs are:

    1. Do you travel ? Or do you do active sports (boating, biking, etc)where ya might wanna swap your card and bring a cheap phone with ya. If you do GSM "card popping" options are a plus.

    2. How important is battery life ? GSM phones have a 50% longer battery life.

    3. How important is data usage ? If its just for fun, Sprint has the edge as an unlimited data plan is only $15. OTOH, Sprint doesn't have broadband service. verizon has the fastest service with EV-DO but charges $45 a month for it and , nothing I have seen says EV-DO will be supported on the 650. Plus EV-DO only exists in 21 cities. AT&Tingular has positioned itself in the middle with the most widely available broadband service for $20 less than verizon and $10 more than Sprint's non broadband service.

    4. But the big kicker is what carrier has the best service in your area. That should be the biggets factor in your decision.

    For more info read these:,1759,1757450,00.asp,1759,1770717,00.asp

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