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    As a result of following this forum, I purchased an unlocked Treo 650 and I would like to relate my experiences and, in particular, what I learned from this forum.

    I first discovered converged devices on the Internet when I became aware of the Samsung SGH-i500. I was a flip phone user who was tired of carrying both a phone and a Palm pda. I waited impatiently for the introduction of the Samsung phone for a long time - long enough to see the announcements of the i505 and i530, none of which ever became available. When I started to consider the treo, I discovered this forum and the soon to be introduced Treo 650. I decided to continue waiting in order to get four features: the improved screen, the non-volatile memory, the removable battery, and bluetooth.

    This forum was very helpful deciding the type of service I wanted. I was an AT&T, tdma user out of contract, with complete freedom of choice. I need my phone more on the road than at home, so I rejected Sprint in favor of either Verizon or Cingular. After considerable investigation and reading I concluded that although Verizon's overall network is larger, Cingular's digital network seems larger and this is all that is relevant for the Treo. In January, I learned that Cingular's plans were changing so I made the transition to Cingular/Orange and acquired a free GSM phone with my contract as well as unlimited data (MediaNet) for $15/mo. After travelling to Inyokern/Ridgecrest, CA and Oyster Bay, NY, I decided that I had made a good decision. I was waiting for an unlocked GSM phone, when I learned that Palm would only honor the preshipment $600 price (now $700) for a few more days. I ordered the phone, got the $100 rebate, and received it a week later. I had waited two years, I accepted the free ground shipping. I also learned of the free SD card here and received mine from Palm a few weeks later.

    This forum made me aware of the need to go to the Palm Knowledge Base for the upgrade from my Palm V to the Treo. I followed the directions for preserving my user id and transferred over my 1200 contacts, memos, and calendar. I only had a few resets during the process of getting going and learning how to use the Treo and since I was forewarned, I wasn't upset. I was very happy to have the converged device that I had waited for so long, but when I got Versamail going, I was ecstatic. For years, I had had to wait until I checked into a hotel at night before I could see my email, now I could see it whenever needed. For me, it is the "killer app." Web access also turned out to be very nice for looking up an occasional address and checking flight status on the road.

    Most importantly, I learned about the difficulty with third party apps. The one I wanted most was Grafitti Anywhere. I downloaded and installed it, but it is curently disabled. When it is enabled, the reset rate goes up from once per two weeks, to several times a day. The volume is just acceptable when set to the maximum level. The bluetooth volume level is too low at maximum level. I would compare the Treo 650, with the PC situation a few years ago when many of us were running Windows 98. I expect the stability will improve as time goes by.

    I would conclude by saying that I got everything I wanted, and with Versamail, more than I had dreamed of. This forum has been extremely helpful in improving my experience and avoiding serious mistakes. I continue to peruse it frequently. So thanks to you all.
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    See? Not everyone complains!

    Oh, and say hi to Claire. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Cool story. Glad you are enjoying your 650. I can't wait to get my hands on mine. Just 3 more days...
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    Good post...Sam was informed and made himself happy.

    But I would say that 90% of users would not go to these lengths, nor put up with the resets, etc. If everyone was like Sam, there would be a lot less complaints....but most are not that thorough.

    True, this is like Win98 (more like Win 95). The OS for the Treo is effectively 1997, so this is pretty ancient as far as converged devices go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    ...True, this is like Win98 (more like Win 95). The OS for the Treo is effectively 1997, so this is pretty ancient as far as converged devices go.
    While I would agree the current state of hardware/software is Windows 98 like, it is not "ancient" in terms of converged devices. The overall experience of phone-pda integration is far ahead of any other smartphone on the market (I've tried MS, SE and Samsung). And no platform or other PDA has the D-Pad integration that permits one-handed, near stylus free operation.

    It is going to take time for these things to get "***** proof." How many people did you have to hold hands for every time you installed new software, drivers, or even hardware, when we were still using Windows 98?
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    Good post, Sam. Welcome to Treo ownership, and we are glad that this forum has been of help to you.
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    I'll give jot a try. Once I have the stylus in my hand, I would prefer to use Graffiti than the keyboard.
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    Hey Sam - Welcome and thanks for the post.

    I too learned alot from this site - Like your self I was considering the Samsung i500 last Jan '03 when I heard about the Treo. I still though it was the 300. Then I found this site and the 600. The rest is histroy. The 650 is my pride and joy.

    Hope to seemore of your posts
    da Gimp

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