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    I just got my visor last night! Wooh!

    So I configure everything to get all my mail from my Outlook right off the CD. It installs PocketMirror (2.0.5), sets me up and everything.

    I go to HotSync, and everything worked fine until PocketMirror started trying to transfer 4 items. As soon as the PocketMirror transfer window popped up, the HotSync program crashed.

    So far, the only time I've been able to successfully HotSync was when I told PocketMirror to overwrite the visor.

    Has anyone has any similar experiences, or know of a solution that I haven't found yet?

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    If you have not done so should contact handspring technical support. You can email them at the web site if you don't wanna pay the long distance to call them.

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