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    The refurb i just got resets everytime it attempts to connect to the internet. Sometimes it gets as far as to try to contact sprint for provisioning -- most times it just rests. I've tried soft resets, hard resets, no luck. Is this one FUBAR out of the box? it does seem to make voice calls okay most of the time.

    This is my 5th Treo 600 and just proves to me the refurbs are ****e. The first developed the network loop problem. The second got the orange dots just a couple weeks after I got it. The third lasted a year before getting the network loop problem. I had the 4th for a couple months before the dots appears (almost right before my eyes while playing solitare) and now this. Man i wish they'd make upgrading to the 650 a little easier to swallow -- i mean even if i sign up for a new 2 year -- it's still going to cost me $450 -- and I haven't had a 600 live through the 1 year warrenty. Is this just the sprint models?
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    Sorry about your issues. Did your refurb come set up or did you have to call sprint and do it over the phone? I would call CS, try for someone in level 2 and see if the phone is provisioned correctly (especially that you can make calls.)

    If you can upgrade with a 2 year agreement, I have seen the 650 for about $320. Sell a 'working' (I know yours doesnt now) 600 on ebay for about 250 and your good to go for about 70 bucks. My .02
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    Isn't it Sprint's policy to give you a 650 under warranty after three or more 600s fail? I'd heard that was the policy for the "network search" problem. Of course, you didn't say which phone you have. Is it the Sprint?

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