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    Title says it all, I've been pouring over cases in anticipation of VZW's Treo 650 and I have nightmares about a broken screen.
    So I'm looking for a flip case to protect it when I'm walking and a plastic cover over the screen to protect it when I'm using it and from dust and other things.
    Maybe I've read the product descriptions wrong here at the store but I didn't see anything like this.
    Thanks for any help!
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    I have looked at endless cases and have never seen a flip case with plastic over the screen. Having said that that should generate a response from someone with the exact case you want, but if not you could slip a Krusell into a Seidio or a Nutshell
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    Now I'm thinking of getting a skin case and putting it in a pouch case with a belt clip.
    I really want to protect this thing.
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    As far as a pouch case with a skin cover of course you have the Seidio and I found out a week ago that my Sena fits very well in the Nutshell . It slipped in and out real easy, the snap didnt get in the way. It wasent to much thicker than without the Sena case. Heres a picture.
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    Thanks for the tip. I'm going to spend a lot of time picking one out.
    Maybe the Krusell Classic inside a Sydney Harbour Pouch?
    I'm not crazy about the Classic's enclosed keyboard, but I figure I can cut it out if I have to.
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