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    I installed 1.0.5b13 after getting your email this afternoon. I shutdown Chatter, reset, then hotsynced the files. Then I hotsynced again. Infact, I've now hotsynced close to a dozen times... Chatter works for awhile and then it tells me that I have too many online folders and each time I click OK it opens up another dialog box saying the same thing.

    I have 3 accounts with a total of 8 folders synced. I also have 9 IM contacts - are they counting towards my max online folder count?

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    You did get the latest ChatterIM from the Downloads directory, right? Well, the IM connection might count as one, but I'll have to check the code. Could be that something's wrong... Could you send me a log that shows the error? Thanks, Dunc.

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    Yes, I have the latest version - from the downloads directory. The other thing I'm noticing is that I can't send mail anymore - Chatter just hangs with Auth displayed on the screen. So I'll hotsync and send you the log from my PC (using the same mail server that Chatter doesn't seem to be able to connect to). On the plus side, IM is working nicely!


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