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    I have played about with the PTunes HiFiSkin to display the current Artist and add a scrollbar to the playlist. I could not find any other skins that did this. I did other minor tweaks as well. This works with Ptunes 3.0.9. I have not tested it on other versions.

    The main code I added was:
    <!-- album -->
    <Control Type="TextArea" ID="76" Visible="ConditionSongSelected + CD">
    <Event Type="Clicked">SetCondition ConditionPrefShowSongListInCommentArea !ConditionPrefShowSongListInCommentArea</Event>

    <!-- playlist slider -->
    <Control Type="Slider" ID="77" Visible="CA + CPP">

    <!-- playlist slider tall -->
    <Control Type="Slider" ID="78" Visible="CA + CPU">
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    cool! I just loaded it up. Thanks brnz.
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    Thought I would include a screen capture so people would understand my first post a bit better. The indicated scrollbar scrolls through the current playlist from 0 to 100%. If you have a large playlist you no longer need to hit the big arrow scrollbuttons lots of times. And of course you can see the Artist as well as the Song.
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