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    The nice folks at P1 support promised that they would not send my 3rd unlocked replacement until it was tested to make sure the earpiece and speaker volumes were acceptable. Sure enough, this unit performs exactly the same as the other three!

    Remember the saying 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions'? P1 had good intentions but bad execution got in the way. This $600 smartphone is essentially useless and they are telling me I can't have a refund because it is outside of the 30 day period. What a joke. They can't/won't fix my unit nor will they give me a refund. The folks at P1 should realize that anyone who has tried 3 replacements is a committed customer and not someone to exploit when they are acting reasonably.

    Any other unlocked GSM owners have a similar experience?
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    i have hated p1 since the day i bought my treo 600....
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    I am in my second day on my third Sprint 650 I'll see how this one turns out y'all

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