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    I have several huge problems with the treo. sometimes when i tough it, it does a soft reset. the other day it kept showing the palm reset bar/crawl, then the palm logo, then the reset bar, for over an hour, even when i removed the battery and put it back in. Also, often when the phone rings, when i tough the phone, it disconnects the call. what's going on here?
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    The looping reset is likely from an incompatible app or a corrupt database.
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    The problem is most likely due to the fact that the Treo is a fairly unstable device.

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    I disagree. The Treo, when configured properly and working properly, is a very stable device. It is most likely a bad app or a corrupt file. Check out this thread for some ideas. It was meant for Cingular users, but it may help you regardless of which provider you use. Good luck.
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