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    I am upgrading from a 600 to a 650. I can't see my SMS-messages any longer on the 650. I restored from backup and these files are now on my Treo:

    Remote database 100 name is SMS Messages
    Remote database 101 name is SMS Msg Index
    Remote database 118 name is SMS Quicklist
    Remote database 119 name is SMS 00316255187655BD40F283
    Remote database 120 name is SMS 00316222497532BDAD86C9
    and then a lot of those
    Remote database 179 name is SMS Msg Database
    Remote database 180 name is SMS QuickText
    Remote database 181 name is SMS Special Addresses
    Remote database 182 name is SMS Index

    Are (I think) relevant.

    What is missing? Or is just not possible?

    What did I do wrong?
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    The file that contains your SMS messages, is just called "messages Database" Hope that helps.
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    Are you hoping to find your 600 SMS messages on your 650? Or did you lose your current messages? Not quite sure what it is you're looking for?

    If you're trying to get the SMS messages off your 600, and into your 650, you can't. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    If you're trying to get the SMS messages off your 600, and into your 650, you can't.
    There's absolutely no way this can be done?
    Darn, I'm about to buy a 650, and was hoping (and expecting) that I could move over all my SMS'es, MMS'es and phone logs.
    If that can't be done, I'll be really disappointed.

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    anybody else figure out a way to do this? Couldn't you beam the T600 SMS files (i.e SMS 4085551212) individually to the T650?

    Again, just beam the files, not the program (which is proabably locked anyway.)
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    When I got my T650 and did a synch, my T600 SMS file threads synched over to to the T650...but they didn't show upon the T650 SMS app!

    That said, interestingtly, my personally-added "quick text" SMS phrases from my T600 made it over okay to my 650, which makes me think there is a solution to this problem. Any hackers out there wanna take a shot?
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    any update on this? I've just received my nice new shiny 650 and I'm trying to move everything across from my 600. Having major troubles getting the sms threads to move. None are showing up at all. I've transferred all of the SMS44xxxx files and the:

    SMS Special Addresses.pdb
    SMS QuickText.pdb
    SMS Quicklist.pdb
    SMS Msg Database.pdb
    SMS Messages.pdb

    files. I also deleted all traces of SMS on the phone using Filez before synching but that still didn't make a difference. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Also, I need to move my call log over as well but I can't get that to move either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sramdeen
    any update on this?
    I expected someone to come up with some hack to this, I carefully saved all the SMS files for that. At least a solution with some detour like opening those files on my desktop with a utility that can read everything and then extract the text parts out of it and pump it through some automated conversions to at least save the SMS-messages as an ASCII document.

    But nothing yet. It should not be too difficult, the data is still under my hands? It does not contribute to the confidence in Palm when they show such disrespect for the user's data.

    The whole experience made me realise again how important open standards and open software is. I am looking forward to a Linux Treo with a Palm GUI, similar to a Unix PowerBook with a Mac GUI (Mac OS X).

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